NYC Legend

“The theme of this piece is depicting the legend of the alligator in the NYC sewers. Having lived over a decade in Manhattan I wanted to pay tribute to the city I love by depicting one of its most popular urban legends.

This artwork deals with two interesting aspects of our world; our need for gods, myths, and legends much like any other civilization prior to ours, and our habit of creating invasive species by moving animals from their natural habitats to human environments. As late as 2020 New York Times reported of actual Florida alligators on the loose in NYC.”

-Alexander Klingspor

New York city Legend 2022
Bronze, on black stone.
Signed and numbered edition of 49. + 3 Épreuve d’artiste (E.A.) Foundry Perseo SA, Fonderie d’art, Mendrisio, Switzerland.
Diameter 27 cm, height incl stone base 40 cm.
Stone base 20x20x8 cm.
In addition to the edition also 3 monumental sizes.