Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1977, Alexander has studied with various painters in Sweden and USA. He has been making a living as a painter from the age of 22 and has exhibited his work in various parts of USA and Europe. Collectors come from USA, UK, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Norway.

Artist statement

“An artist should reflect upon and depict the time they live in. We are all a product of our environment, and at the same time we create and affect that environment. Salvador Dali said he lived in the century of the splitting of the atom and Freudian psychology. I’m searching for what will define us in the 21st century by examining certain human behaviours such as our innate need for myths and legends, our ability to upset the order of things whilst we consume all the earthly delights, and our strive for divine power through technological advancement.”

 Alexander Klingspor

Klingspor in Context

By Peter Trippi

Intriguing, alluring, enigmatic, uncanny, unnerving, anxious, even nightmarish. These were the words uttered by several American colleagues when I showed them photographs of recent paintings by Alexander Klingspor. They used these terms not in disdain, but rather to describe their personal responses to the images, which they all admired. After close looking, few could identify a discernible narrative or moral, though they could see that the motifs were neither haphazard nor willfully cryptic—that they must surely point to meanings significant to the artist.

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Interview with Alexander Klingspor

Nicola Linza and Cristoffer Neljesjö for Manner of Man, New York

I’ve learned over and over again that the subconscious is always faster than the intellect. When an idea comes into my mind it does so as a vision. This is kind of like a daydream that hits me like lightning. I then turn the idea/vision into a painting.  It is usually not until much later after the painting is finished that I realize and can formulate in words what the image and narrative in the painting was really about. I’m very fascinated with how my subconscious works in a visual symbolic language.

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